Tik tok what is it in simple words

It seems to me alone that in the last six months everyone has gone crazy? Many of my friends and their children stare at the phone for hours. At the same time, a smile does not leave their faces, often giving way to cheerful laughter. And it turned out to be a new TikTok app with funny videos and vivid emotions. Today I will tell you in simple words about TikTok: what it is and who needs it. TikTok what this app is TikTok is a young but very popular app for making short videos, more on get tiktok likes. Yes, in this regard, TT is an analogue of YouTube.Thanks to this format, the TT social network has become an ideal platform for creating short, and most importantly, creative videos.

As in other social networks and video hosting, the application allows you to subscribe to the author you like, like, share your favorite post with friends and write comments. Among the possibilities of video processing: — The video format, unlike Youtube, is not horizontal, but vertical; — The length of the rollers is limited to 15 or 60 seconds; — No dislikes; — A wide range of special effects for video processing is provided to help a beginner tiktoker. — Create an interesting live background; — A huge number of special effects that change your face from cute makeup, glasses and funny face contortions to turning you into a scary vampire or zombie; — Create movies from 4 of your videos based on beautiful built-in templates; — Special effects allowing you to shoot videos with the most exciting stunts, slow motion, backward scrolling, etc. There is a search page, a personal account and an icon for creating a clip, after clicking on which the main camera of the phone is turned on, and buttons for selecting special effects appear on the screen. Everything is extremely simple and intuitive.

Who is interested in TikTok The application can be interesting to any person who knows how to use a smartphone, the main thing is to find videos suitable for themselves. But the main audience of the channel is young people and teenagers. This is explained by the fact that due to the presence of a large number of special effects, young people shoot modern and creative entertainment videos. Then the authors actively share their recordings and even arrange competitions with whom the video is cooler. How to start using TikTok To master the platform, just download the application to your smartphone and register.

All actions are completely free. Further actions will depend on the goals of your trip to this social network: Ask why is this necessary? There are three explanations: — You can just watch other people’s videos, subscribe to the authors you like, like or write comments (this is the way to relax and have fun); — Or you can join a huge number of authors and start creating your own video content. In the second case, you have a real chance to become a cool Tiktoker and even much more.

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